Rathinavel Subramaniam Educational Trust (RVSET) was established in 1983 as a public charitable Trust, in fond memory of Master Rathnavel Subramaniam the elder son of the chairman Lion. Vijayashree Dr. K. V. Kupusamy and Smt. K. Padmavathy. 

RVS Chennai Padmavathy School of Architecture strives to foster diversity and encourage each other to pursue unpredictable lines of thinking with path-breaking performances and hands-on learning. The college strives to make a change in the field of architecture and education. The main goal lies in providing research, skill development and on ground studio projects for real time exposure through tertiary programs and unique way of looking at the syllabus. We can generate a broader outlook and exposure for young architects to express their craft ship in myriad ways and not just through building design and execution.

From the Director’s Desk

“Architecture to me has been very experiential and impactful form of art. As a non-architect myself, buildings and its environment have always impacted and inspired me. I believe that education should aspire and inspire the next generations and we at RVS focus towards creating an environment that encourages and fosters enjoyable educational practices for both my students and faculties.

At RVS we strive to create more opportunities for our students and provide them with maximum exposure in every walk of life. Our program is designed to inculcate human values and be able to engage with reality at every step of the way. Our desire is to enable every student to be able to identify his passion and follow it.”

We want them to be ready!!

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Destination RVS

Student Testimonials

  • My favourite thing about architecture is I get to be creative and imaginative. The most challenging thing about life as an architecture student is keeping up with the workload . It’s important to be well organized and plan each day . If you’re very interested in being an architect, you’ll find you have passion for your work , which will ensure you stay focused.

    Mirudula K S
    ALUMNI batch 2016
  • I really love architecture. I feel it has made me a very different person, from my confidence, time management, group skills and all, they improved drastically. And in this course, we have to get to visit so many places in and around our city and view them all in different point of perspective. As we are used to getting grounded so much that it helps us leave behind all our inhibitions and enjoy the course and work no matter.

    Prithika Aslin Dsouza
    ALUMNI batch 2017
  • For me architecture always seemed like a course where we could express ourselves which is one of the main reason I was always fascinated by it , and it is one of those course where you are able to learn new things every single day.

    Mukil Latha Mohan
    ALUMNI batch 2017
  • I enjoy art, architecture, nature and anything that gives me insight into the history and soul of the place I’m in. Architecture shapes not only structures but also humans.

    Keerthana R
    ALUMNI batch 2017
  • I’ve resolutely learnt that Architecture doesn’t deal only with the Form, Material or Construction. But also is cognate with Human values, Expressions, Ethics, Virtues, Morals and Principles.
    Just like Nature, a simple change at particular point in Architecture has the ability to induce an emotion within a person.

    Elesh Vidul TV
    ALUMNI batch 2018
  • Architecture exhibits and manifest the past and shall morph and dictate the future of human civilization
    It tells stories and will continue to do so, of humans, what they are best known for admiration and creativity.
    I would like to express my part of story, that will carry on for centuries, being a part to morph and dictate the future of best to come. Most of all being an admiration to others.

    Krishna B S
    ALUMNI batch 2018
  • Since it is a stand alone institution, staff and students share a binding that sows the seed for “life long fun learning”.

    By virtue of live project based teaching RVS lives to the modern day expectations of students in the field of architecture.

  • Architecture is all about passion,travel, and bringing your emotions and tune them in, which is about paying attention to our surroundings. Simultaneously you will learn how to cope up work pressure in this competitive world.
    There’s a Chinese proverb which says “Teachers open the door, but you must enter by yourself” .The same applies here at RVS too. It gives an ample opportunities to learn things and to prove ourselves, we should alway be ready to seize the opportunities.

  • I see architecture as lifestyle more than a course, it reflects culture, and you’ll get the sense that it’s less of a profession and more of a world-view, a lens with which to interpret all of your surroundings.
    I believe creativity, exploration ,travel, humility, intellectuality are all fruits of the tree ‘ARCHITECTURE’.

    Kalyan R
  • Architecture-It’s a journey without a endpoint because you can never stop learning and creating. As long as you find inspiration around you, the architect within you is never dead. It’s a beautiful medium to unlock oneself and express their thoughts into artform; exploring and experimenting it practically. It has changed my approach towards life, adding professionalism and making me a better person.

    Sneha S
  • Space remains as a magical notion for me, giving each idea a chance to evolve into something larger. The design process looks to transcend the obvious and to create a more pleasurable experience, buildings that celebrated life and made strong statements. I believe that planning/drawing in situ emerge the structure to be simple and full sail the motive of being

    Apoorva Pillai
    ALUMNI batch 2015
  • Architecture is meticulous leading to a thought “out-of-the-box” and evolving new designs, inviting people to linger or merely functioning as transit area and encouraging elegant, eccentric, modern, vivid, diverse functional space, whereas the concept of engineering is just setting up the commands and designs which were created and preset for the course.

    ALUMNI batch 2015

Our Team

Ar. M Raajkumar

Professor & Dean

“He is an accomplished leader exemplifying ability to manage projects and stimulate growth combined with a unique blend of experience in Design, Planning and Execution segments of the building industry with updated knowledge of theory in contemporary process in architectural design.

Ar. Amutha K

Professor & Principal

“A renowned architect among the industry with around 20 years of rich experience in both teaching and industry. She holds a specialization in sustainable housing architecture with which she has been associated with numerous government projects of Tamilnadu and various housing projects.”

Ar. Binu Xavier B S


“Architect with more than 22 Years of experience holding double masters. His professional practice includes numerous residential, commercial and industrial projects located all over Tamil Nadu. He has been actively involved with academics for more than 15 years, teaching with reputed architecture institutions.”



“Murali architects, one of the innovative design practices in Tamil Nadu, offers services in Architecture and Interior design.

Ar. Murali was a part of the 4th year studio as a mentor for the International School Design. He interacted with the students with valuable inputs and his expert guidance”



“Ar. Krishna Murthy runs a successful Design + Workshop studio called the FOLDS DESIGN STUDIO, they work on parametric designs that are innovative and cutting edge.

He is the design mentor for first year foundation program where his innovative design ideas and processes have made the studio agile with ideas.”




“Architect Kishore runs a successful practice called architectureRED that does some of the most innovative works in Chennai.

He is the mentor for the third year design studio of residence and of a science center. His practical know how and design ideas have inspired the students equally.”




“Ar. Mahesh runs a successful firm called MOAD Design Studio in Chennai. It is situated in Adyar, Chennai. The firm is well known to venture in residential, commercial and urban related projects.

Ar. Mahesh was involved in running the semester 5 HOUSING STUDIO that revolved around exploring the idea of Charles Correa and his way of designing houses.”


Ar. Suresh Kumar

Head of the Department

“Ar. Suresh Kumar is an architect from Chennai running a practice for about 10 years. He has worked in Singapore and is well versed in project management and handling services. His approach to design is practical and elucidating service part of buildings.”

Ar. Raman S

Associate Professor

“Ar. Raman with more than 15 Years of experience has been associated with top architecture firms like Cheralathan Associates, Architect support group, Citadines and etc. He has been in the design and execution of various projects like 5 Star hotels, shopping malls, cinema theatres and many multi-storey buildings across Tamilnadu.”


Ar. Vignesh

Associate Professor

“Ar. Vignesh has multiple years of experience has been associated with top architecture firms. He has been in the design and execution of various projects of varying magnitudes across Tamil Nadu. ”


Ar. Bhagyalakshmi

Associate Professor

“An Architect with years of academic and field experience. Her area of expertise is spatial design and unique concepts. She believes that design lies in the beauty of understanding the clients and being part of their design sense and emphasizing on them.”


Ar. Reeveezee M Antony

Associate Professor

“Ar. Reeveezee M Antony is currently the Academic Innovator of our institution. He finished his architecture degree from School of Planning and Architecture, Anna University. His experience as an academician in the field of architecture especially with RVS Padmavathy School of Architecture includes innovating the architecture curriculum to inculcate creativity and innovation in learning, conducting experiential workshops with faculty and students to improve exposure and outreach.”


Ar. Shahir Ahamed K

Associate Professor

“Ar. Shahir Ahamed K is an architect with Masters in Building Management and also been involved various rural documentation projects across Tamilnadu based on five land forms of ancient Tamil literature, documenting micro and macro levels of village in the aspects of Socio-economic and Vernacular techniques.”


Ar. Priyadharshini V

Associate Professor

“Ar. Priyadharshini a graduate from School of Architecture and Planning, Anna University with a decade of experience is a professional whose area of interest is more in Urban. She has been involved in the coordination of Vertical studios with different colleges and universities across the country. And she is also involved in the research of Urban planning and design.”


Ar. Hema Malini V

Associate Professor

“Ar. Hema Malini found her passion in interiors and did her master degree in Interior Design. She has experience in project management and design on commercial, residential and hospital projects. Her area of expertise is management, as she’s great with people and communication. She believes that design lies in the beauty of understanding the clients and being part of their design sense and emphasizing on them.”


Ar. Gayathri Shekar

Assistant Professor

“Ar Gayathri S Rajesh is a graduate from school of architecture and planning Anna University with more than 16 years of experience which includes both academic and field. She has worked in various residential, institutional and competition projects and holds a keen interest towards rural and urban settlements. She believes that we shape our buildings and thereafter they shape us.”

Ar. Lydia

Assistant Professor

“Ar. Lydia is an BIM – Building Information Modelling expert. She specializes  facilitating easy to understand process sessions for the software here in RVS. She is an integral part of the third and fourth year as well as M.Arch”


Ar. Chidambaram S

Assistant Professor

“Ar. Chidambaram a graduate from School of Architecture and Planning, Anna University with a decade of experience is a professional whose area of interest is more in housing. He is an enthusiastic and dynamic person of our asset. He has been involved in the coordination of summer winter school programme of our college. He is also involved in the research of settlement study and housing projects.”


Ar. Prithvi Mahadevan

Assistant Professor

“Ar. Prithvi Mahadevan is an architect and urban enthusiast who has experience in working in urban research projects. She has worked in collaboration with Webe Design Lab in initiating a Urban Gray Matter an urban research initiative. She has also been part of creating and ideating exhibitions on social and cultural paradigms. She works with the foundational design studio as a part of RVS.


Ar. Rajarajan

Assistant Professor

“Ar. Rajarajan is an architect who runs his own practice called BEING ARCHITECT alongwith teaching basic space design studio and masters classes. he has a keen sense of alighnement to create creative and well organized spaces.  “


Ar. Kokila

Assistant Professor

“Ar. Kokila has four years academic experience and four years of industry experience , specializing in design and research etc. With a passion for both design excellence and education, she has seamlessly blended these two pursuits throughout her career. With a dedication to excellence in both practice and education, she continues to make significant contributions to the field of architecture, shaping the built environment for future generations while nurturing the talents of aspiring architects.”


Ar. Paul Naveen

Assistant Professor

“Paul Naveen is an Architect-Planner with Masters in Urban Planning who has worked along with MoHUA and NIUA for Smart City Mission in Puducherry . He has also worked in Auroville International City and has keen interest and hands-on knowledge in Earth construction methods and techniques. He aims to spread the knowledge of sustainable living and Earth construction to the upcoming young minds.”


Ar. Jacinth Sahana

Assistant Professor

“Ar. Jacinth Sahana is an architect and a graphic designer who has about four year plus experience. She has works with the young minds of architecture through engaging the students in innovative and fun exercises in the foundational design studio. “


Ar. Sowmya

Assistant Professor

“Ar. Sowmya Dhevi is a passionate architect and academician with strong concept and idea exploration with 5+ years of experience in practice and has handled notable projects in Architectural and Interior design field. She has volunteered LBC-NASA workshop and explored sustainable and cost-effective technologies implemented by Ar. Laurie Baker at COSTFORD. Her areas of teaching and research interests are Vernacular Architecture, Interior Designing & Project Management.”


Ar. Ilanchezhiyan

Assistant Professor

“Ar. Ilanchezhiyan is an energetic Young Architect who transforms the design into a reality building with creativity, functionality and safety. Having 3 years of working exposure with Amuthasurabhi Architects who is involved in Various kinds of Private and Government Projects in all categories like Residential, Hospitals, Religious buildings, Institutions”


Er. Sethupathi P

Assistant Professor

“Er Sethupathi P, a structural engineer passionate towards design of structures complying new innovations. He is interested to explore the areas of steel practices which comply with futuristic perspectives. He is qualified to carry over Masters project at CSIR-SERC in the field of transmission line towers at Chennai. He is planning for future work towards steel framed structures for his doctorate. “


Ar. Karthika Shini

Assistant Professor

“Ar. Karthika Shini is an Architect and an Urban Planner, who has practical experience in a range of large-scale urban projects. She likes to learn and perform in the dynamic environment that gives challenges. Through her past education and exposure to diverse topics, she has endless passion towards developmental planning studies. She loves to spread knowledge about human interaction with spaces in the context of urban environment. “


Ar. Arshaya Ruby

Assistant Professor

“Ar. Arshya Ruby is a graduate from Sathyabama University who is specialised in the field of Project management with three years of field experience in Chennai and Qatar. She in collaboration with two architects runs a design studio named Ekora Architects in Chennai, which engages in designing and executing the residential and commercial projects. She believes that thirst for learning is unquenchable in the field of Architecture, every situation is an opportunity to learn something new.


Ar. Suganya B

Assistant Professor

“Ar. Suganya has a keen interest in art and academics. Her expression of love for colours and patterns is seen through her mandala and zentangle art. Having nurtured her passion for art for years, she had made quite an impression in the industry. Her sense of creating new and interesting activities and design problems makes her a unique asset. She has been key in taking forward our foundation programme.”


Ar. Karthik

Assistant Professor

“Ar. Karthik has a keen interest in design and detailing and has practiced architecture in various firms. He has keen interest in academics and teaching detailing to the students.”


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