Proto ¬†Village is a initiative started by Mr. Kalyan, a space mainly envisioned for systemic solutions for rural resilience to be holistically co-created, diligently practiced, comprehensively demonstrated and openly shared. Proto Village is the prototype of a “Resilient” rural community built for the villagers, by the villagers. It is a center for learning, practice, demonstration and dissemination of the knowledge on how any community in this region can organize itself to be Resilient. It is a village which is self – reliant, Economically sustainable, Socially cohesive and Economically viable.


This Workshop was mainly introduced for the students to espouse and live in a rural and sustainable lifestyle. The students worked on four different projects and also indulged in various other fragments of works.

Project Lead

Mr Kalyan is a engineer by profession and a passionate vagabond who travelled across India and interacted with various tiers of people which triggered him to initiate Proto Village along with his allies.


  1. Amphitheater
  2. Earth bag construction
  3. Community Kitchen
  4. Wall painting
  5. Community Kitchen

The project was intensively guided by Mr. Kalyan and the objective of the project was to rectify the flaws made in the arches of the community kitchen which was made out of stone masonry.

Our students had a great exposure to lime and stone masonry. The work was so intense and monotonous but eventually our students got adopted to the work. The process has two distinctive phases which includes demolition and construction of the arches.

Mandala Wall Painting

Amidst the hands-on practical works, the students also got an opportunity to put their hands on the facing wall of Maya bazaar and the kadappa stones lying on the sites.  A beautiful mandala makeover was done to the wall that conveyed Peace and Integrity. The kadappa stones that are to be installed around the proto village had life quotes along with signages. These were a platform to showcase the extracurricular talents that emerged from a common gathering about hobbies of the students and to understand the true essence of this holistic live project.

Earthbag Team

a team of 10 students was mentored and trained by ar. Vivek Rakotu to work on earth bags practically. Each and every step of the process was detailed out in a comprehensive manner for the better understanding of students. The students were associated with various architects, engineers and other skilled people. it was acknowledging to work with different kinds of people at the same time. The space was designed and implemented as a rural economic zone which helps the people of proto village to stabilize economically by selling indigenous goods like papads and pickles. handling of lime mortar, earth bags, lime plaster and other materials were expertized by students with proper guidance.


Amphitheatre project started from the roots of the design stage which was steered by Ar. Vishnu and Mr. Unnais. Students were given the liberty to come up with various options for the design and the elements from the options were combined for the final design.

The students had the opportunity to experience different on-site skills, right from site measurement, plastering, brick masonry, pitching, ramping, and experimenting a lot of different techniques with indigenous materials. Ar. Vishnu who guided the students gave them the freedom to take onsite level decisions.

Building the Built Environment

Features and Design

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