Building Centre for Arts, Theatre and Architecture


A dream site set in the hills katharkadak village in the outskirts of Pune is all set to become a center for arts, theatre, and architecture. Two architects Anushree and Dheeraj are heading the project decided to make this project more inclusive by opening its arms to students to participate in the building process. The studio is set to never use cement and be completely sustainable. The program also extended to trekking through the forest, evening swims in the river, understanding the local and cultural architecture of the village, and also interacting with the recipients of the architectural space, the people.


Jacqueline School of Thought is a mind sanctuary to enable Congregation of Arts and Nature, Rejuvenate your inner screams and to help you question with a conscience. HARMONY is a workshop conducted by Jacqueline School of Thought where the students from RVS Padmavathy School of Architecture participated to explore the nuances of Mud House construction.

The students were involved in learning traditional methods of Architecture such as Bamboo treatment and Cob Wall Construction. The site where the Harmony building with nature happened is situated in the foothills of Western Ghats, Katharkadak Village is a place surrounded by nature and the greenery. The construction site is in Jacqueline School of Thought – A mind sanctuary to enable the congregation of nature and arts, rejuvenate your inner screams, and help you question with a conscience.

The ten-day workshop started by constructing structures with mudstones followed enjoying the pristine lake situated in the site, trekking in the mountains & exploring Pune City. The workshop enabled the students to explore more earthy techniques of Mud wall Construction, Bamboo treatment, and techniques such as chamfering and cutting them down to create openings. Students have also exposed more.

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